Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Continuum continued - Firefly and a VERY interesting idea

The Firefly game was fun - won't say much about it because the guy who ran it is using it as his main demo game at cons, but I will say that Heroquest seems to work pretty well as a system for this setting, and that running into the Blue Sun corporation can be a little worrying...

The "State of the Rowland" thing went well. Didn't have a huge audience but one excellent suggestion was made for Forgotten Futures; as of a month or so ago G.K. Chesterton is out of copyright, and there would appear to be no reason why I can't use his work. Some of his fiction is borderline fantasy and SF, and I think that his style would work pretty well. I also know at least one expert on him, Dave Langford.

As a first thought the books I would want to base things on would be:

The Napoleon of Notting Hill
The Club of Queer Trades
The Man who was Thursday

Not the Father Brown stories, I think. Any other suggestions?

I'm running At The Mountains of Flatness at ten - I asked for six players and have nine sign-ups, fortunately I brought loads of character sheets. Just hope my brain is up to that many players.

More later.
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