Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Today's charity shop haul was the Alias season 2 DVDs for £12, Repo Man for £3, and a really nice 1930s biology textbook (with hundreds of colour illustrations) for £2; can't use it for Forgotten Futures, it's too recent, but it's a nice one for my collection.

The Alias thing is weird; over the last couple of months, in three widely separated charity shops, I've picked up seasons 4, 3, and 2, all at £10 or £12, less than third the new price in the UK. The odd part is that I've not so far been a particular fan of the show, but I get the feeling that fate is trying to tell me something here, and I may watch them rather than selling them on eBay. If I start posting Alias fanfic you'll know I've been infected...

I forgot to mention my end-of-term present for myself, also a charity shop item; an 1890s book on microscopy, with dozens of illustrations, which has been in the Oxfam shop near work at £10 for a couple of months. It really is pretty, and I'm very tempted to scan it for the FF CD-ROM, but it'd be a lot of work and I suspect that there wouldn't be many interested readers. Besides, I have some books to scan for FF X, also a load of period advertising which I suspect will be a lot more interesting to most punters.

In other news I've just had a pamphlet giving details of the new UK postal pricing - it looks like sending the Forgotten Futures stuff will stay at about the same price, except that the charity CD will be a bit more expensive within the UK since the minimum cost for sending a padded envelope has risen, irrespective of weight, and it could be sent at minimum rates under the old rules. For the moment I don't plan to change my pricing.

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