Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Charity shop update, Fridge/Freezer

Today's charity shop finds were The Matrix collector's edition (the two disk set with Matrix and Matrix Revisited) and Team America World Police, at £1.50 each, which I think is pretty good. I've never bought The Matrix on DVD because I have the first one on tape and wasn't so keen on the second. I never bought Team America because I'm not a huge fan of that sort of humour. But I would have gone to say £3.00 each for them so I'm certainly not complaining.

I forgot to mention that I bought a new fridge/freezer a couple of days ago, unfortunately they can't deliver until Tuesday, which means I'll be forced to skive off on the morning of the second day back at work... Not a huge problem, except that their truck turned up at 8.30 AM today to collect my old fridge and freezer, and I had to tell them no way - someone's screwed up because they're supposed to be removed when the new unit comes. I'll phone tomorrow and make sure that everything's properly organized. Meanwhile I'm living on frozen food, in an effort to get down to an amount that'll fit in my sister's freezer overnight, since they won't remove the fridge and freezer unless they're defrosted. I may also take some stuff in to work on Monday and leave it in the freezer there until I've got the new one up and running - doubt my sister will want to look after the frozen mice I've got for the snakes, for example, even thought they're in three layers of bags.

Fun fun fun...

Later edit: Less good news - that DVD I gave away a few days ago turned up broken. I had to send it in a pouch because the plastic case wouldn't fit in the jiffy bags I have, and some bugger must have snapped it in transit. I must have sent out hundreds of CDs that way without problems. Bastard post office.

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