Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Colour me impressed!

I decided to make a change to the headers and footers in the Forgotten Futures PDF - basically, a line below the header and above the footer to separate the text from them a little, also made the page number a little bigger and the URLs in the lower footer a little smaller. To do this I had to replace pages 3 to 104 of 109 pages. The way that you do this is print the Word file to make a second PDF with a different file name, and replace pages 3 to 104 in the old file (which has all the page links from the table of contents, bookmarks, etc., which are hours of work) with the equivalent pages from the new one.

So that went well enough, and the links from the table of contents still worked, since it was one of the pages that hadn't been replaced, as did the bookmarks. So I set off to put in a few dozen links from the rest of the text... and found that they were still there, despite my having replaced the pages. I suspect that they would still be in the same physical places on the page even if the layout had changed, which might require a little fine-tuning, but in this case wasn't needed.

So... ten out of ten to Adobe for anticipating the needs of idiots like me.

New download is at the same place as the last one,
and file size is unchanged, but all that has changed is the header and footer layout and two commas in a footnote.
Tags: forgotten futures, rpg

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