Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Living beyond my means...

I bought the TV. According to the distributors there's a three-year warranty which may be extendable (I can't check this at the moment because the manufacturer's site isn't accessible from our network), as far as they know it's a current-generation panel, and the only reason they don't offer it for export is because it would be insanely expensive to ship it. All of which appears to make sense, and SVP have always been good about customer support and refunds so if it does prove a turkey I'll hopefully be OK.

When I checked I found that access to my street will be OK on Saturday, so I've booked delivery that day and hopefully all will go well. Hopefully....

Oddly I feel more confident of my decision buying this than I did about the fridge-freezer. Of course part of that was that a fridge-freezer is a fairly boring piece of kit and I could have probably got a year or two more out of the old stuff - the door hadn't actually fallen off the fridge yet, for example, though it was distinctly wonky, whereas I've long wanted a really big TV.

Anyway, more undoubtedly to come.

I'm going to have to check if any of my family will want the old TV, assuming that this is OK; if not, is there anyone reading this who might want a fairly elderly 32" widescreen TV that works OK but isn't anything special? And can collect it from central London?

Update: just got home to find a message recorded by the card security people, who are of course a little surprised that I've spent more money in the last week than most of the rest of the year. Commendably quick on the uptake, I think.

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