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Muscle Memory

My old fridge and freezer both had handles on the left-hand side of the door. The new fridge-freezer has what I can best describe as a ridge moulded into the top of the lower door and the bottom of the upper door - you put your hand into the gap between the doors, at a little above waist height, and pull on the one you want to open.

So to open the fridge, instead of moving my left hand to about head height to pull on a non-existent handle I should be putting my right hand into the gap at a little above waist height to pull on the ridge. Can I remember to do this? Can I bollocks!

I must have made the wrong move three or four times in two or three minutes just now. I know that I've spent the last ten-odd years training my body to find that handle while half-asleep, but it's annoying that it's probably going to take weeks to learn something so sodding simple.

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