Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Taking The Tunnel on e23

The Taking The Tunnel PDF can now be downloaded from e23.

When I've got some more of FF X written I'll take a look at the advertising thing I've mentioned before. The format, I think, will be an advert on each page, with a little historical background and a scenario idea, say 16 or 24 pages plus covers and the usual ads. I'll try to make it generic, but include links to the Forgotten Futures collections where relevant.

I think that for legal reasons I'd better steer clear of adverts for products that still exist today (Pear's soap, Vim, Cadbury's chocolate, etc.), but that leaves scope for things like patent trusses and medicines, hair restorer, etc. from companies that no longer exist. What I may also do is put in one or two fake ads using genuine pictures but my own text, e.g. for the Carnacki Electric Pentacle, though I'll obviously have to make it clear that they are somewhat less authentic.

Sound good?

Later: Decided to try my hand at a page of the advertising supplement - just the introduction. Think it looks rather nice, except that the URLs in the footnote have come out slightly different shades because I accidentally clicked on one while editing the page. Hopefully it'll be back to normal by the time I finish the document. - about 132k.

Believe it or not I selected this advert more or less accidentally, and had no idea of the company's history until I took a look on line to make sure that they weren't in business any more!
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