Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Guesses at Futurity - completed!

Just took delivery of the volume of The Pall Mall magazine I was missing, containing four of Fred T. Jane's 1895 "Guesses At Futurity" illustrations. They're as follows:

IV: Courtyard to Mansion, A.D. 2000
- a bit disappointing, just a large atrium.
V: Sun Radiators
- basically look like big parabolic lights in a garden
VI: Interplanetary Communication - The First Magnetiscope
- A flying ship held up (as far as I can tell) by two cross-shaped electromagnets. They're obviously talking about interplanetary travel, not signalling.
VII: Interplanetary Communication - Gold Mining In The Mountains of the Moon
- This is the one I had as a very poor reproduction, and it's much better in the original. A lunar mine with glass tunnels and people walking around inside, and a spaceship that looks like the Magnetiscope.

I'll try to get them scanned tonight and will post links ASAP.

Later 75 DPI scans now on line. Click on titles to see them.

Belated thought Anyone else think that the hotel in Hinkley would look like the first if they had the budget?
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