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One Click order rant...

I discovered a couple of days ago that if I was looking at an item on , and accidentally clicked on "one click order", the order was placed even though I wasn't logged on at the time; the browser cookies "knew" who I was from a previous session, and that was enough to let one click ordering work. To make matters worse this was a third party order from a US company, not a direct order to Amazon, so this will probably take ages to sort out. Amazon don't want to get involved, they say it's between me and the other company. I'm just VERY glad that nobody has ever logged onto one of the computers I've used at work and placed a few orders in my name, because as far as I can see there's no way to prevent if it you have one-click ordering enabled. Needless to say I have now disabled it.

I'd like to comment on Amazon's attitude, but I'm still so angry I might say something I'll regret.

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