Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Dragonmeet scenarios

Here's the blurb for the adventures I'll be running at Dragonmeet this time next month:

SCENARIO TITLE: Charlie's Angles
System: Forgotten Futures AND The Original Flatland Role Playing Game
Time: 10.30-1.30 approx.
Genre: Victorian weirdness
GM: Marcus L. Rowland
Players: 3-6
Blurb: When eminent mathematicians start to disappear, the League of Extraordinary Geometers calls for the help of a few adventurers with unusual talents, for a mission into another universe with peculiar properties. But can anything really prepare anyone for an encounter with the chaos of the third dimension? Ready-made characters, 2-3 hours.

SCENARIO TITLE: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
System: Diana, Warrior Princess
Time: 2.30-5pm approx
Genre: Humour
GM: Marcus Rowland
Players: 3-6
Venue: xx
Blurb: Even adventurers need time off occasionally, but it's odd that so many seem to have chosen to take a break in the same resort. Coincidence? A vast conspiracy? Coincidence AND a vast conspiracy? Or just a travel agent without much imagination? Whatever the reason, there's trouble ahead... Ready-made characters, 2-3 hours.

Now all I have to do is finish writing them...
Tags: diana, elvis, forgotten futures, rpg

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