Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Flatland characters revisited

So far the list is:

  • Albert Square - heretical lunatic and mathematician
  • Professor Quatremass - professional sceptic - suggested by sharikkamur
  • Ellery Quinn - the great detective
  • Rhombus - an immortal who owes his power to a tiny extension into the third dimension
  • Lois Line - unusually intelligent female reporter for the Logopolis Daily Plane, in search of a story that will make her name. This was inspired by kip_w's suggestion of Perry Llelogram.

Just need one more, preferably some sort of mathematician with at least 5-6 sides. Any suggestions?

LATER: speakr2customrs has suggested Septimus Prime, which I think will do nicely. Also got some nice suggestions which will do for NPCs and/or future adventures. Thanks, everyone!
Tags: flatland, rpg

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