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Bloody Halloween / Guy Fawkes

It's bad enough that it's Halloween tonight, which has never been a British tradition but has still got large numbers of kids (some of them from my school) ringing doorbells...

It's also a week to Guy Fawkes night, November 5th, when assorted idiots will as always set fire to their homes / loved ones / selves while letting off enough fireworks to stage a small war. All this to celebrate an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the King and Parliament.

The trouble is that they seem to start setting them off earlier and earlier every year. I've been hearing occasional bangs for a week or so now, even quite early in the day, and I'm hearing them every few minutes tonight. My sister's cats are scared to go outside, and I'm worried that some trick or treater will eventually drop a firework through the letterbox.

I should explain that my hostility towards Guy Fawkes has a lot to do with events when I was 13 or so; my mother used to own a shop that sold fireworks, that year a kid threw a lighted firework over the counter and set fire to a display of several hundred others, trapping one person behind the counter (fortunately she escaped into the basement and the fire brigade got her out by smashing through a trap door used for deliveries). My mother was a much smaller and frailer woman, if she'd been there that night she would probably have been killed. The shop was destroyed, leaving my mother in debt which we never really recovered from.

Anyway, that's my rant. Have a nice Halloween and Guy Fawkes night.

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