Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Spamming arseholes

Someone sent me this email


- New Artist -


Visit his Myspace Music profile and listen his music !!!

Clic on RICH VIBES link or

Vous désirez développer vos ventes et créer un site Ecommerce. Découvrez Boutika Pro la référence du logiciel Ecommerce.
Plus d"infos sur www.boutik

Sounds innnocent enough, if stupid, but in fact all of the links are actually of the form

where is my email address.

God alone what this actually does, apart from showing that I'm someone stupid enough to click on links from spammers, but I suspect that linking to music on myspace is fairly low on the list of priorities.

The source appears to be "MYSPACE MUSIC" <> - don't know how heavily this is forged because I'm seeing it via my webmail thingy which doesn't seem to be able to show the source of the actual messages, and have no intention of downloading it further. I suspect that it's as bogus as the message.

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