Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Xmas episode


We got to see the Tardis do a lot of things it's never done before, e.g. fly and buzz traffic.

Would two entirely different aliens pick on the idea of disguising their robots as santas and xmas trees in consecutive years?

There's something VERY wrong with the timeline for the last Xmas episode, Doomsday, this one, and Torchwood. I got the idea when Doomsday aired that it was set several years later.

Catherine Tate was excellent as the girl of the episode - looks like she won't be a companion.

Next season ad at the end had some aliens that looked like Sontarans and a Dalek right at the end.

Advert for the Sarah Jane show on at the new year makes it look interesting, another special effects extravaganza. Just hope they put some plot in there...

Now lets go watch last night's Torchwood, then see if the plot of the Xmas thing makes more sense if I watch it on a TV with a decent sound system and without my family yacking around me, and I can actually hear the dialogue properly...

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