Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


In the new year I'm going to have another play with the BBC virtual reality software, which acts like a "magic mirror" that shows you yourself with virtual objects you can manipulate by moving cards with various patterns on them - for example, a molecular structure appears over one card if you're running the appropriate program, another card represents a heat source to which the molecules react by becoming more agitated if you bring them together.

I've used it at work a bit, but what I want to do is mess around and see if I can come up with any interesting game ideas, which means I'll have to try it at home. The one that came to mind when I first saw it was something like a Star Fleet Battles game, with phasers etc. somehow controlled by cards - not sure how it would work yet.

I need a reasonably fast USB webcam - presumably USB 2.0, I'd prefer 800x600 or better resolution. Anyone got any suggestions for this that won't break the bank?

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