Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Any uses for a dead psion? Recs for a new PDA?

The other reason I went on line earlier, which I nearly forgot, was to make this post.

My Psion Revo seems to have snuffed it - I've had to reset it several times recently, now it seems to be dead apart from the lights that show it's getting power. I've tried the usual resetting things without success. I suspect that the batteries have died, or some other component has bitten the dust. Having looked at some of the web sites that show how you are supposed to get inside it to make repairs or replace the batteries, I think that I would prefer not to try it.

99.9% of the time I use this as an alarm clock / timer, so it's probably time to admit defeat - I'm certainly not going to waste money fixing it when it's this unreliable. I should probably look at a more serious PDA of some description, which might actually be useful for something else - I'd prefer a keyboard but it isn't essential.

So, two questions:

1: Does anyone want a dead Revo with serial docking cradle and a little gizmo that gives it power from your computer's USB port? It might be worth a few quid on eBay but I really can't be arsed to go to the trouble of selling it for peanuts. Preferably someone I can give this to at the Tun or similar, since postage will be at least a couple of quid.

2: Any recommendations for a basic PDA, with or without keyboard, that's a bit more reliable than a Revo? Needs to have a good countdown / count up timer, since that does tend to be my main use, but something I can use to make notes would be good. Anyone got anything they don't use any more?

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