Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Godmars anime?

I picked up another charity shop "bargain" today, a cheap 3 DVD boxed set called

Godmars - Guyer Sphinx Uranus Titan Shin Rah - Box 1

which appears to be a giant robot thing of some sort. If I'm interpreting the icons on the box correctly it's Japanese with English and Chinese subtitles. The reviews I can find on line aren't very complimentary but may be referring to something else, since none of the pictures look the same. Anyone know anything about this? Is it a rare collectors thing, or as common as dirt and about as valuable? Here's the Wikipedia page for the series

I'm pretty sure I'm not interested in it for myself, if I bung it on eBay will it sell for pounds or peanuts? Or does someone want it here?

Later Now on ebay - doesn't look my sort of thing at all.

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