Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

D'Ordel's Pantechnicon

Having corrected rather a lot of errors, my HTML version of D'Ordel's Pantechnicon, an essential read for anyone interested in Victorian and Edwardian magazines is now on line as

PLEASE let me know if you find any errors - I don't have links to it yet on my site, that'll come once I'm happy it's OK.

I hope to add a PDF of scans of the original book in a day or two.

Fanfic writers and RPG designers will probably find the later chapters especially interesting, especially Of the Serial Adventure and Of the Recital of Military Slaughter, and of Events affecting the Royal Blood

Later: May not be posting the PDF right away - it's 44mb! I'll have to see if I can tweak it to get the file size down without making it illegible.
Tags: edwardian, forgotten futures, scientific romance, victorian

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