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December 1905

Today's pleasant surprise was a damaged volume of the Windsor magazine for 1906 I won on eBay at the weekend... pleasant because it was VERY cheap, and pleasant and surprising because it turns out to be the 1905-1906 volume, with the first issue December 1905.

Why is The Windsor Magazine for December 1905 important, you may well ask? Because it's the first appearance of Kipling's With The Night Mail, the source for Forgotten Futures I. I've had a quick look, and I think there's one illustration I've never seen before, possibly two, and at least one change to the text - the story is attributed to "The Windsor Magazine October 2147", not "A Story of 2000 AD (Together with extracts from the magazine in which it appeared)" It doesn't have the fake adverts and articles that often accompany it - I'd always assumed that they were included from the start, but it looks like they're a later addition, either in the McClure's magazine version of 1906 or (more likely) the later chapbook, which I have. There may be other changes, it'll take a while to check.

I'll get the new pictures etc. on line as soon as possible - tonight if I can - and I think it's about time I looked at updating the online files to include the colour pictures from the chapbook etc., and possibly put together a PDF version of WTNM and "As Easy as A.B.C."
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