Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

BtVS crossover fanfics - Tales from the Barman...

I think that anyone who has ever written fanfic has probably written a "characters X and Y walk into character Z's bar and talk" story. Tales from the Barman... is basically a Buffyverse round robin crossover story collection along these lines in which Xander opens a bar in Cleveland. The first chapter was posted a week ago, and as of twenty minutes ago has 102 chapters! Some are very good, some so-so, and a few crap, but it's a well-nigh perfect place to dump all those lost plot bunnies that don't quite work as straight stories.

I've posted several chapters, the links are:

That's Be Telling - The Prisoner
Going Platinum - Six Feet Under
Gremlins? - Dead Like Me
Freak Out - Harry Potter, Highlander, West Wing
Another Slow Night On The Hellmouth - Sandman, Discworld
Illogical Commands - Pulp Fiction

Don't think there are any others so far, but if this keeps going at this rate they may well be more - it may end up the largest Round Robin (or whatever you call this sort of thing) ever.

Later: 119 chapters and rising. Added another ficlet:
Good Dog - Dr. Who, Sarah-Jane Adventures.

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