Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

25p per gb...

Don't want one of these myself, but it's an interesting offer for anyone who does, copied from the latest SVP newsletter:

Fancy A Freecom 160GB External Hard Drive For Only £39.99?

Finally, a rather different offer, or potential offer I should say. If I get 200 people interested I'll do the deal.

If this works out we can supply a brand new Freecom 160GB external hard drive similar to the one pictured opposite (colour may vary) for an incredible £39.99!

If you would like to buy one of these drives (assuming I am able to get 200 people who are interested) then please email with a subject line of "I would like a cheap Freecom 160GB Hard Drive". As soon as we reach 200 genuine looking signups we'll email everyone who has signed up with instuctions for how to buy the hard drive.

From what I can see from my investigations this will be the cheapest 160 external hard drive in the UK, in fact I'm stuggling to even find an 80GB as cheap as this!

There's a little more - basically, maximum of three per customer to avoid dealers taking advantage. You can find the full text by going to and clicking on the link to their newsletter.

It sounds pretty good, though there'll be postage on top, of course - I'm not in the market at present but it's a fairly good deal for anyone who is.

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