Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Back on line

No, you hadn't noticed I was gone...

Eastercon was fun - tiring, but great fun. Chester is a lovely town. I wasn't able to explore much and forgot to pack my camera, which is ludicrous really - but I did walk the full circuit of the walls, visit the half-excavated ampitheatre, etc., which is a lot more exercise than I usually manage at a con. If I'd realised just how interesting the place is I would have arranged to stay a day or two longer and packed a camera.

I was on line just enough to read mail and browse livejournal, at 50p (about a dollar) for 15 minutes at the internet booths in the shopping centre near the hotel. If I'd used WiFi in the hotel it would have cost something ludicrous like £6 an hour (for a fixed hour) or £60 for seven days. Next year the hotel has free acccess, praise be to Chulhu! But I didn't really have time to do more than skim people's posts, so apologies if I've missed anything important.

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