Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Canal Cavalcade

Saturday's generally my shopping day, with trips to one or another street market, Tesco, etc.

Today though I happened to remember that there was an event called Canal Cavalcade at Little Venice, the big canal mooring basin near Paddington Station. It's basically a regatta of canal boats plus some stalls selling second-hand books and other stuff in aid of canal funds. There are also various events including music performances and a play for children, and other child-orientated stuff. I went along to get some pictures and see if I could find any bargains.

Because I was going on to Church Street Market afterwards I decided not to risk taking the Nikon, but got some reasonable pictures with the little Fuji. They don't really show the sheer number of boats there - must have been 50+ - because the canal-side is curved and it's difficult to get them into the shot. Although the first photo especially looks very rural, the whole area is surrounded by houses and office blocks, crossed by roads and bridges, etc.

Of course the weather decided to be dreadful while I was there - dull and chilly - but I got some nice books (one stall was selling five for a pound, another had hardcovers including some SF titles at £1 apiece), had an overpriced beefburger, and generally enjoyed myself. It's on tomorrow and Monday too, and it looks like the weather will be better, so if you're in London and at a loose end over the bank holiday weekend it's worth a look.


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