Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Random Heroes finale thoughts

I really wasn't expecting that solution to Peter and Nathan, and kudos to them for even thinking of it. Of course there's evidence that Peter can survive almost anything, so it's possible that one or both survived.

Wonder how much damage was done by the magnetic pulse? That big an explosion, even a few tens of miles up, will have significant effects on e.g. satellites, computers, pacemakers. Given how much of the sky it filled it can't have been far enough away to avoid damage.

I'll have to watch the last few minutes again - it looked like Syler has disappeared down the sewers, unless someone else opened the manhole to wash the blood away. So will he meet the Turtles down there? Someone needs to write the crossover, especially with Hiro in the mix... Anyway, he'll probably be back. And there's the new Big Bad the kiddy mentioned, wonder what that's about.

Any guesses on how everyone is being allowed to walk away despite all the bullet holes, critically injured cops, etc.? The cheerleader's dad must have REALLY impressive credentials - or someone has the power to cloud minds and is helping them.

Finally, was anyone else expecting a spaceship to appear when everyone looked up at the end?

One thing that's pretty clear from this week's downloads is that Heroes is wildly popular, Blood Ties is really losing it, and Veronica Mars isn't doing very well. The actual figures from Torrentspy today are
Show                                Seeders     Downloaders
Heroes (ten different torrents      21917       17350
including high definition etc.)

Blood Ties                            302         112

Veronica Mars                        2206        1969

Bear in mind that Veronica Mars is the most recent of these episodes so all other things being equal should be the busiest torrent. Of course Veronica Mars has been cancelled, so a lot of people may have lost interest - Blood Ties has apparently got another half season coming later in the year. And Heroes is shown on one of the main US networks, which presumably distorts things (though you'd think fewer people would need to download it).

I wonder what the TV market researchers make of these figures, and if they're a predictor of e.g. the Neilson ratings. Anyone know?

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