Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Why me, oh ghod, why me...?

I didn't say much about my bike problems (graduallly escalating defects that ended with a failed MOT, and repaired remarkably fast all things considered) because it really didn't seem very interesting.

I haven't posted anything about the long saga of the faulty washer-dryer (purchased in February, broke down just before Easter, called in to the service people just after Easter (because I was travelling over Easter and didn't have TIME to organise anything before I left) and so not eligible for immediate replacement, visited four times by so-called service engineers who appear to be unable to do anything except swap motherboards, flooded the kitchen twice, and finally replaced today) because it's even more boring.

I will just say that I really thought that when the washing machine was replaced my run of bad luck would be over.

Except that an hour ago I went into the back room and found that a pigeon had got in through a window that was open about 4" and crapped all over one of the armchairs.

Certain deities need to understand that buggering about with my life will really not make me love them. Even if it is funny...

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