Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Eggs again, and back on line at work

Looks like Cobb and Murphy did the naughty a few weeks ago, Murphy is busy laying another clutch of eggs - 6 or 8 already and I think more on the way. As usual (because she is a snake of very small brain) she's ignored the nice damp box and laid them on the ordinary bedding where they will pick up lots of mould spores etc. and dry out if I don't remove them rather sooner than I would have prefered. She's also picked a spot where I can't possibly get a photo without disturbing their hide etc., which I really don't want to do. Oh well, two months of incubation then a few weeks of fuss until they're big enough to sell, could be worse.

In other news I'm back on line at work - I've been given a replacement PC which is a little faster but currently won't let me install a network printer and has relatively little hard disk space. Fortunately I have a couple of spare 40gb disks knocking around at home, they're not worth selling (can anyone imagine saying that 5 years ago) so I'll donate one to the school.

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