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Summer Conventions and Praise for Forgotten Futures

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I will be at the following British games conventions over the summer holiday:

Recombination, a university games con (also filk con and SF convention) in Cambridge over the weekend of 10th-12th August. New Hall conventions are always fun and the food and accomodation at the site have improved immensely over the last few years. This one looks like it'll be pretty good.

Gencon UK which is now at Reading University 30th August - 2nd September. Unfortunately I can't make the first two days of the con, I'm working, but I'll be there from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon.

I'll be running Forgotten Futures, Flatland, and Dianaverse games, not sure what at the moment. It doesn't seem likely that I'll be launching anything new at these cons, but I ought to have disks and other material on sale for charity if the organisers don't object.

In other news I got a very nice message a couple of weeks ago, from someone who found the George Griffith books on my site. Comments like the following (quoted with permission, and behind the link because it's long) do a lot to make this project feel worthwhile:

I first read Angel of the Revolution as a 12 year old after buying the book at a boy scout's jumble sale for a penny in 1961. I remember it was a thick book, with wondeful drawings in it and published in 1894. I was quite fascinated by the story. I loaned it to a teacher at school in 1962 who was promptly never seen again! So I lost the book
I have always kept an eye out for the book and have never been successful in coming across a copy, or learning anything about the author except for brief mentions in histories of science fiction.
A few years ago I looked in Alibris and discovered a chap in the USA who had a copy of the book for $7.50 and promptly bought it. I was a bit disappointed at the slim volume, reprinted in 1907 and without illustrations but fascinated to reread the story some 45 years after I had first read it.
Recently I Googled the author and his book  to discover that the book and its sequel and other stories had been put on the web to read. And also a great deal of information on the author too.
I have enjoyed reading the stories and the information immensely.  
I thank you for this

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