Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Who dares wins

Thought I'd take another look at my post a few days ago and see how good I am at predicting the outcome of things. Not 100%, unfortunately, but I did get a few things right.

Everything "Saxon" has done has obviously created an enormous time paradox which is what the revamped Tardis has been holding back; when Martha somehow gets to the Tardis and switches the thing off before the moment the globes appeared the time paradox dragons from Father's Day will arrive to erase everything. Starting with the UNIT helicarrier, no doubt...

Right about the paradox, wromg that it would be Martha and that the dragons would appear. And why didn't the Valiant return to its pre-Master condition.

I think that the Time Lords created this mess, using The Master to re-create their world on Earth. Why Earth? Because it is obviously the galactic equivalent of a Hellmouth, somewhere where the laws of space and time have got a bit flimsy, largely thanks to the Doctor.

Could still be right about this, there's really nothing to say that the Master wasn't obeyink orders. He may have been rather creative in his interpretation of them, of course...

I think that Saxon's wife is the real power behind the throne, something old and evil which has programmed The Master and inserted itself into the timeline in the 1950s to create her. Wild guess - what was around in the 1950s? The Test Card / TV thingy that ate people's faces!

OK, probably not that, but I think she's possibly another Time Lord, The Doctor never encountered her alone so it's possible that his senses didn't detect her. If the Time Lords were using brainwashed people to save their past I think she might be The Ranee. Or Romana, as someone else has already suggested. Or a half-human hybrid programmed to reproduce the Time Lord race.

Apparently not, just batshit crazy from seeing the end of time. Unless the Master's Horcrux, or whatever the ring is, turns her into him or something.

I didn't spot the mass-telepathy thing or yet another Promethea rip-off coming at all, which I think isn't unreasonable considering that they never said it was two-way. For some reason I didn't say anything about the true nature of the Troclophane, but I think I would have been wrong - can't quite remember what I guessed. And the Face of Boe thing destroys all dramatic tension re Captain Jack's survival in Torchwood, so let's hope it isn't true.

Oh, and if I haven't recced this before

Luminosity's Sci-fi Friday (in a blender), a lovely multiversal fan video. And lots of other excellent vids.

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