Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Dear Waitrose...

...when you closed your Marylebone store for several weeks I was annoyed, because it meant using Tesco, who have a single-queue system which at busy times snakes around most of the store and leaves the aisles congested. But I consoled myself with the thought that you would be reopening a new and improved store.

So you re-opened the store with narrower maze-like aisles and a single queue system that at busy times snakes around most of the store and leaves the aisles congested. Congested enough that I actually feel claustrophobic, which never happened with Tescos - this may be because you've set things up so that in large chunks of the shop you can't see the outside world. As a result I've only been in twice since you reopened - formerly I shopped there nearly every day.

It's become obvious that the purpose of this is so that customers will have to move around a larger proportion of the store trying to find the end of the queue, and possibly impulse buy en route. It's obvious because you are now routing the queue through the wine and spirits department, which sells the most expensive goods.

What any teetotal / alcoholic customers make of this might be interesting - I suspect that this may actually be an offence under the licensing act, though I don't have the patience to look it up. It strikes me as being about as sensitive as your tactic of giving away hundreds of pork pies (with no vegetarian etc. alternative) in the street in the week or so before the store reopened, in an area that gets a lot of Moslem and Jewish visitors.

Luckily you've made an application to Westminster City Council to change your store's wine and spirits department under the licensing act. I don't have the patience to look up the precise law, but when I send in my planning objection tonight I hope that they will have the facts at their fingertips.

Have a nice day.

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