Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Abandoned story fragment

This was going to be part of a story in the Tales of the Barman round-robin sequence, which Twisting the Hellmouth have now closed to further chapters because it was putting a big strain on their server. I'm not sure where I was going with it, except that it was going to be a BtVS / Serenity crossover. Anyone wanting to do something with the idea please help yourself, but acknowledgements would be nice.

Willow materialized over one of the pool tables, making Illyria's opponent miss his shot, and floated down to the floor near the bar, saying "What's the problem, Xander?"

"She is," said Xander, pointing at a blonde in a frilly negligee who lay sprawled beside the bar, motionless.

"That's a shop dummy," said Willow. "No... It's some sort of robot."

"That's what I thought," said Xander. "It came out of the closet about half an hour ago, said something in Chinese, and collapsed."

"She doesn't look Chinese," said Willow, running her fingers through the robot's hair, and pressed at two points. There was a click and the back of its head opened.

"How did you know where to press?" asked Xander.

"With a body and face like that it's a sex-bot," Willow said impatiently, "and Warren wrote the book on building them, I think it's already in its third printing. Wonder who gets the royalties..? Anyway, I just assumed it'd use the same locking system, and I was right. Let me check this out properly." She got out her laptop and some cables and began to look for places to plug them in inside the head.

Xander left her to carry on with it, going back about twenty minutes later when she closed the head again.

"Find anything interesting?"

"It's kinda weird inside..." She was blushing.

"Define weird."

"It's a lot more advanced than anything Warren built, but it looks like they weren't improving the intelligence, if anything it's lower than April or the Buffybot. They were more interested in.. um.."

"Sex?" asked Xander. "It's a better f..." Willow held her fingers to his lips before he could complete the phrase.

"Oh yeah. And it comes from about five hundred years in the future if I'm reading the data correctly. But I could be wrong, I had to use magic to link to it, there's always room for error there."


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