Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Where are the City Illiterates these days?

I was told that the City Illiterates pub thingy was now in a pub called the Windmill, in Windmill St., and that it was round the corner from the previous pub in Kingley St.

Except that the Windmill in Windmill St. is apparently a sports pub off Tottenham Court Road, the only other Windmill in that area is a strip club, and I am now uncertain where the hell the meeting has gone.

So I'm sitting on the roof behind my flat soaking up rays instead - I do like laptops with WiFi - but it'd be nice to know where the heck it is for future reference.

incidentally, if you saw this with a couple of errors that have now gone it's because I forgot to up the contrast on the laptop so I could see what I'm typing in bright sunlight... Still a major disadvantage of using a laptop outdoors, unfortunately.

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