Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Back from Gencon

Gencon was big but a bit frustrating; they don't allow non-dealers to sell stuff, so I wasn't able to raise any money for charity that way (though someone did give me £20 for Cancer Research UK out of the blue), and my seminar (on copyright and other problems when you base games on books etc.) had an audience of three. I gather some other seminars had similarly low numbers. I tried to run a game without going through the system (which costs players money) and had my advert taken down by the organizers.

Having said that, I enjoyed most of it, met a few friends, had a fairly nice meal on the con committee, and played in a fun GURPS scenario. If the timing of my panel etc. had been a bit different I might have been able to play more; as it was, I did a lot less than usual, but spent much more time just talking to people, and hopefully made some new friends. Not 100% sure I'll go again next year - there's a chance that we'll be rebuilding our labs then, and if so I will have just completed the equivalent of moving several house-fulls of stuff from one building to another, and may be just a little exhausted.

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