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Forgotten Futures X - it's dragons all the way down...

I've been keeping very quiet about Forgotten Futures X because I've been conducting super-secret negotiations with a certain author for the last few weeks. Yes, FF X will be the first licensed release, based on a book that is still in copyright... (fx drum roll...) Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton (AKA papersky), a World Fantasy Award winning novel about life, love, manners, inheritance, and lawsuits in a world where the war beteen humans and dragons ended in a draw, and dragons now live in something a lot like Victorian society (apart from the odd bit of slavery and cannibalism). I won't be able to include the novel, but while it isn't currently in print it's readily available and a wonderful read.

So far I'm still writing the introduction, but the main things I expect to include are
  • A rewrite of the game rules for dragon player characters. BODY and combat damage will be going WAY off the usual scales for this one...
  • Lots of dragon-specific skills appropriate to the setting and the character's age, sex, etc. (e.g., since most male dragons have huge claws females are generally the only ones who can write, huge males are generally the most likely to have flame, etc.)
  • A lot of stuff on dragon society and religious and social heirarchies.
  • Appropriate character traits (e.g. "Secret - ate his brother as a hatchling"; "Scarlet woman" [female dragons turn red after their first sexual arousal; if this does not lead to marriage there's a lot of social stigma], "Insanely litigeous," and so forth).
  • Dragon technology, arts, etc.
Also the usual adventures and adventure outlines etc.

If all goes well I hope to release it simultaneously in HTML and PDF versions early next year, and will release the next version of the FF CD-ROM at the same time.

Anyway, expect to see a lot more about this as I get into it; as usual I'll be looking for feedback on my ideas etc., and it will help immensely if as many people as possible read the book first (plug plug), you really won't regret it.

Later: Forgot to mention that the first chapter and a lot of other stuff is on line here:

A lot later: Apparently there's going to be an Orb edition of the book, no idea when as yet.
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