Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

FF X Art

One of the things I need for FF X is artwork depicting dragons. Needless to say this needs to be copyright-expired or otherwise placed into the public domain, since I can't afford to pay for work. As regular readers will know I'm better at manips etc. than original art, so drawing my own is probably out.

I've found a few things already - pictures of coins, St. George and the Dragon, and so forth - but not nearly as much as I'd like, and most of what I've found on line shows dragons fighting. I need a broader range of subjects.

I may have a go at making some models and photographing them - I can't use commercial figures since they will be copyright. Annoyingly I used to have a couple of fairly large dragon models I scratch-built in my D&D days, but they seem to have gone missing at some point in the last ten years or so. Other than that, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Later: I've found some free sources on line, and with a little manip ended up with this:

Since he's a bishop he should have his wings tied, still trying to work out where the cords should go. I also need to do something about the colour, it's wrong for a male.
Tags: dragons, forgotten futures, tooth and claw

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