Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Anyone want a DVD recorder?

The drive of my DVD recorder (Liteon LVW-5005) jammed shut last week, for about the fifteenth time - this time, though, it chewed up a fairly expensive disk before I got the drawer open again, which to me was the last straw. Needless to say it's well out of warranty. Unfortunately the drive isn't a standard DVD RW drive - it's sort of a bare chassis thing since it's inside the recorder, and the only way to put a standard DVD RW drive in there I can see would be to hack away chunks of the casing. The cable connections look standard enough, but I don't have a spare DVD +/- R/RW drive handy, and when I checked I found I could get a new recorder with hard disk for 20 pounds less than the liteon originally cost me, so I went for that.

So if anyone wants a free DVD recorder (which is probably best-described as a fixer-upper, not a working machine) and will be along at the Tun on Thursday let me know. It's missing some of the casing screws, but does have the remote and manual, and it's region-hacked and I think has macrovision disabled, though I never actually used that feature.

Since nobody has expressed an interest, I'll be selling it.

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