Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Cheap network colour printers

Misco are selling the phaser 6180DN network colour laser for £225+ VAT - this is a slightly down-market version of the 6100 I have, since maximum resolution is only 600x600, but like the 6100 it does duplexing, which you don't often see on cheaper printers.

Later: Sorry - autopope points out that I misread this, duplexing is an optional and presumably pricy extra.

Meanwhile Morgans have two network colour lasers (not duplexing though) around £100-150, both look to be basic network or USB printers, 600x1200

Tally Genicon - £99.99 inc VAT -

Oki C3300n - £152.74 inc VAT -

Also a non-networking 2400x600 colour laser
Samsung CLP300N Colour Laser - £117.49 inc VAT -

Of course with all of these the problem is likely to be the cost of consumables over the long haul. But the idea that you can buy a colour laser for 20% of what I paid for my first 300 DPI mono laser is slightly mind-blowing...

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