Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Dragon military ranks?

In Tooth and Claw the dragons have an army, but the details are a bit sparse. The only soldier mentioned by rank is an "Exalted Marshal" (the 'exalted' part means he's a peer of the realm, and is separate from his rank), who returns wounded from a frontier skirmish, so presumably isn't incredibly senior by dragon standards - although I suspect that dragon leadership is very much from the front.

So I need some sort of early Victorian military structure, presumably covering ground forces (gunners, skirmishers, dragons running the defences, etc.) as well as air cavalry (dragons, possibly carrying rifles but mostly relying on their natural weaponry). The feeling I get is "North-West Frontier," e.g. British army in India, but probably a bit more mobile, combined with a bit of a feel of early Royal Flying Corps. For some reason the US Cavalry near Indian territory comes to mind, e.g. the bit where they're mobile, operating out of frontier forts, but I don't really know an awful lot about them.

Anyone want to suggest a table of organization?
Tags: forgotten futures, jo walton, rpg, tooth and claw

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