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Rules for dragons - example of play

I've just started to convert the rules into something more suitable for dragons, thought I'd begin with the "example of play" bit. Does this seem OK?

In this example John is the referee. Ron is playing Dignified Eligas, a bored young aristocrat, Simon is Padiah, a resourceful Ensign on leave from Tiamath's army, and Dawn is Respected Shimmeth, Padiah's fiancée. Currently they're in Samindra looking for the Lost Temple of Azashan, trying to verify Shimmeth's father's hypothesis that Azashan was originally the mother-Goddess of the pre-Conquest dragon race, but their immediate problem is much simpler; they want to find somewhere to stay for the night in a Yarge village that isn't exactly used to visiting dragons. Some Yarge characters appear, played by John; Bh'orb is a long-suffering native guide hired to translate and help with the locals, K'lees is the Yarge who runs the local inn, and his servants and some other Yarge appear but John hasn't bothered to think of names for them.

John(as Bh'orb) I am to be most humbly suggesting that the honourable dragon-sahibs leave the talking to me.
Ron(as Eligas) Nonsense, old bean, I'll sort out a room for us in a jiffy.
JohnBh'orb gives you an enigmatic look, but stands aside from the doorway.
Ron(as Eligas) Jolly good. (as himself) I'll tap on the door.
John(as K'lees, shouting through the door) Go away, we're closed.
RonI say, we're just looking for some rooms for the night
John(as K'lees) What?
Ron(as Eligas, loudly and slowly) We're looking for some rooms for the night. SOME ROOMS!
John(as K'lees) I can hear something roaring out there…
SimonThat went well. (as Padiah) Let me try
Dawn(as Shimmeth) Or me, perhaps a female voice will reassure them.
John(as K'lees) I can hear more of them - call out the Watch! (as himself) A few seconds later you hear an upper window open and someone blowing a whistle loudly.
SimonI stand back to look up at the window and say "Hello?"
JohnYou hear a Yarge shriek and the window slams shut.
Ron(as Eligas) They're obviously afraid of bandits (raises voice) Hello, we just want rooms for the night.
John(as Bh'orb) I am to be most humbly suggesting that…
Ron(as Eligas, VERY loudly) Rooms!
JohnOne of the upper windows opens, and you see a male Yarge leaning out with a pistol in his hand. Bh'orb demonstrates his loyalty by shrieking and running away.
RonHow high up is the guy with the gun?
JohnAbout fifteen feet up.
RonNo problemo - I'm thirty feet long, I'll just rear up and bite his arm off.
JohnYou're sure you want to do that?
SimonOh great. You plonker! Fat chance of getting a room now.
JohnRoll the dice - You're using your Brawling skill, no modifiers for multiple attacks, no armour, minus one because it's a small target, it's night but that doesn't matter to a dragon.
Ron(rolls two dice twice) Five to hit, three for damage [in Forgotten Futures low rolls are good]
JohnThat's a hit, and you've either injured him or caused a critical injury. Roll again.
Ron(rolls two dice) Four.
JohnCritical; you've bitten his hand off.
JohnShame he fired as you did so. Let's see… point blank range, his gun's actually inside your mouth so there's no armour, we needn't worry about target size or visibility. (rolls 4 then 5, checks the firearms table, and rolls again for 3) Okay… this dragon is deceased. He has ceased to be. This is a dead dragon.
DawnTwit! (as Shimmeth) Oh no, they've murdered Eligas!
JohnBlood sprays from the back of your skull, and you slowly topple backwards, sagging down as the life fades from your body. Inside the inn you can hear screams.
SimonI throw myself across Shimmeth to protect her, trying not to let her beauty distract me, and check Eligas for signs of life.
JohnHe's still dead.
RonI don't think…
JohnDamn right you don't, you're dead.
Dawn(as Shimmeth) Oh dear, we'd better drag him to safety before the Yarge come out and attack us!
Simon(as Padiah) I'm sorry, my darling, I think he's dead.
Dawn(as Shimmeth) Then we must take his body to safety and ship it back to his family.
Simon(as Padiah) It's too far, darling, he'd decay before he was home.
Dawn(as Shimmeth) Then we'll just have to eat him ourselves, darling. Good thing we didn't have much lunch.
SimonRiiight… good plan. (as Padiah) Stay behind me, I'll drag him back. When we've reached some cover we'll both take him. (as himself) Any chance of flying him away?
JohnSorry, the body's much too heavy.
EveryoneShut up, you're dead.
JohnOkay, you think that you can hear some voices in the distance and a clinking noise that might be hooves or people wearing armour. There are still wails and screams from inside the inn.
SimonWe'll drag him off as fast as we can, and look for somewhere to hide out while we eat him. What happened to our luggage? And how long is it until dawn?
JohnOkay… (pretends to check his notes; in fact he hasn't prepared for this situation and is improvising wildly) You drag him off about fifty yards, and through a hedge and into a field. Beyond the field there are some woods, about a quarter mile away. Your luggage is still strapped to the back of the drafter, which is tied by the water trough back at the inn. It's not midnight yet, so there's still about five hours to dawn. Oh, and you can hear someone firing a gun of some sort from the direction of the inn, the bullet whips past overhead but doesn't hit anything.
Dawn(as Shimmeth) Damn, most of our gold's in the luggage!
JohnBh'orb appears from behind a bush (as Bh'orb, whispering) Are the honourable dragon-sahibs all right?
Simon(as Padiah) They've murdered Eligas!
Dawn(as Shimmeth) And all of our luggage is back at the inn. Can you fetch it for us?
John(as Bh'orb) The honourable dragon-sahibs are joking with Bh'orb, yes?
SimonDidn't think he'd go for it. Okay, I give him two gold crowns and say "Get our luggage and there's another five for you, but make sure you aren't followed. We'll be in the woods."
John(as Bh'orb) As the honourable dragon-sahibs command! (as himself) He heads off back towards the inn, trying to stay low.
Dawn(as Shimmeth) We'd better get poor Eligas to the woods, and find a nice comfy spot to eat him. I do hope that Bh'orb doesn't let us down.
Simon(as Padiah) You're wonderfully practical, darling.
Dawn(as Shimmeth) Well, I need to put on a little weight if we're to have our own little clutch of eggs any time soon.
Simon(as Padiah) Darling! Right, tug on his left foreleg, I'll take his right, we should be in the woods pretty quickly.
RonWhat about me?
JohnGet another character ready, I'll give you an opportunity to join them a little later.
DawnBut not until after we've eaten Eligas.
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