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Better in the original Draconic...

For the chapter on the Yarge in the Tooth and Claw worldbook I mentioned that some dragon plays are adapted from Yarge sources, but often need a lot of changes to make them more fitting to draconic tastes. The passage reads:

Many Yarge plays and novels have been adapted for a Draconic audience, although sometimes much changed in the translation. It may be hard to believe, but the comedy Ten Pounds of Flesh, with its corrupt lawyers defrauding the lovable moneylender and receiving their come-uppance in court, when their client’s heart is ripped out and their fees remain unpaid, was originally conceived as a tragedy in which the moneylender is ultimately robbed of his rightful dues.

Okay, now I think it might be fun to include summaries of a few other Dragon plays, novels, songs, etc. here and there - not quite sure where they'd fit in yet, maybe just as little fillers. Probably in the RPG rules and adventures since I've pretty much finished the worldbook. But they'd need to be no more than say 150 words - the actual summary in that passage is only 51 words, so that gives a lot of scope.

If anyone wants to give this a try please add your summary as a comment. I'll include as many as I can in the game - and donate 1p per word (of the published length, and I will abridge if there is any padding) to Cancer Research UK for each one I actually use. The authors will be credited, of course. Similarities to well-known works would be greatly appreciated.

I ought to be putting out a call for beta readers for the worldbook towards the end of the week - I'm just going through the printout again, when I'm reasonably happy with it I'll ask for some volunteers to look at the PDF.
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