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Bird Brain

OK, this is unfortunately me without the willpower to resist my own challenge yesterday, a certain song going round and round in my head, and ten minutes to spare at work today. I think I'm going to post it on Twisting the Hellmouth tonight as a round robin, all chapters to be 100-word drabbles.

Catch that Pigeon!

"So it's..." Buffy hesitated " undead Frankenpigeon / parrot hybrid with a soul?"

"A little bird soul. And sequins," Willow said happily, nodding towards the cage. "Darndest thing."

"Should I slay it?"

"Nope, it's not evil. Just really weird."

"Nothing in the note on its leg to say where it comes from? Not Hogwarts?"

"Just your basic love letter, only written really small. Darling I miss you yadda yadda."

"The magician that made it has to be really powerful, I guess. What do we do?"

"Let him go, I guess. Then follow him and see who put a little soul in his birdhouse."

Challenge: So where does the pigeon go next, assuming it's going to make a few crossover stops along the way? ALL RESPONSES TO BE 100-WORD DRABBLES, preferably with some sort of reference to the original song.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a clip from Pushing Daisies (they've edited out a bit in the middle)

And here's a video of the full song

Please respond to the challenge on TTH once I've posted it, not here. Let me know here if you spot any errors!

Later - one error fixed, and links to a clip from Pushing Daisies and a music vid of the full song

Drabble posted and opened up as a Round Robin as They Might Be Drabbles

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