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Another "Better in the Original Draconic"

This one is a bit long so I've put it behind the cut - maybe a bit too long, tell me what you think.

Better in the Original Draconic…

The slapstick comedy Rasdarie and Nimuleris is unique amongst Draconic plays in that the bumbling lovers of the title, and other members of the cast, are Yarge.

To simplify a complex plot, the children of two rival Yarge merchant families meet for the first time in Irieth, and fall hopelessly in love, a love forbidden by their parents.

Nimuleris hits on the idea of faking her own death with a powerful sleeping potion, to break free from her family. A message warning Rasdarie and his draconic friends of the deception goes missing. When she apparently dies Rasdarie is in Belshulath on business, and won’t be back for several days. Out of kindness his dragon friends butcher her “body” and salt it, so that he will be able to eat her when he returns. Hearing of this, and for some reason deeply upset, he is about to take his own life when kindly Holy Mothies (revealed in earlier scenes, unknown to Rasderie, to be a notorious practical joker) persuades him that since her body was prepared using the rites of the Orthodox Faith, she is certain to reincarnate as a dragon. All that he need do to be reunited with his love is find an egg laid at the moment of her death and wait for it to hatch, and be sure to feed Nimuleris’ remains to the dragonet.

To the astonishment of Mothies and his cronies, Rasderie falls for this tall tale, deserts his Yarge family, is disowned by them, and sets out to find the right egg; after a series of adventures too complex to relate in the available space he is allowed to stay with it until it hatches. Unfortunately it turns out to be a male dragonet and extremely hungry. Given its first taste of Yarge flesh it soon wants more, and before long Rasderie is the main item on the menu.

In the uproarious coda Mothies is revealed as the great-uncle of the hatchling, and the parents thank him for organizing such an extraordinary start for the child. He smiles modestly, and explains that he has simply performed his duty by eliminating those unfit to survive.

Tags: forgotten futures, jo walton, rpg, tooth and claw

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