Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Answering machine woes

If anyone has tried to phone me in the last week or two my answering machine hasn't been working properly, but pretended that it was by spending ages running to the end of the tape before refusing to record. rozk pointed this out last week and I thought I'd fixed it, but it still isn't working so it looks like a new one is needed. It isn't the tape, as far as I can tell, something is wrong with the electronics and resetting it etc. hasn't helped.

Anyone got any recommendations, preferably for a phone / answering machine combined? I'll hopefully be buying it on my way home tonight, so if you have any suggestions let me have them in say the next 3.5 hours!

Later: Got the Binatone phone / answering machine Argos sell at about £18 - works OK, has digital recording with 20 minutes capacity, and some reasonably nice features e.g. 100-number phonebook memory and a biggish LCD display. Cons, it doesn't look particularly nice, silvery plastic which will probably scuff horribly eventually. But at that price I'm not going to worry.

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