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It's over and I survived - both sessions went pretty well, although (due to a cockup with the signup sheets) I only had two players for the second. The Tooth and Claw materials I had on display seemed to be widely admired, especially the foldout dragons and the ship - I've been encouraged to continue with that and turn it into a more 3D model, and think I will do so.

Since I finished the second game a little earlier than expected I went along to a couple of panels and found myself dragged onto the second, on independent games publishers. I hope I didn't say anything too stupid, but I was so tired at that point that I couldn't tell.

I can't really say too much about the adventures without giving too much away, but basically the players found some interesting answers to the problems I gave them, e.g. getting rid of some of the pirates by dropping anvils onto their boats from a great height. They also let me get away (at least three times) with the "the villain has obviously been killed" shtick. Trust me on this, with the villain I was using you wanted to see the beheaded corpse. And then possibly double check that another body hadn't been substituted...

Tomorrow I shall chill out a bit, then start house-cleaning for a visit by several friends which (like an idiot) I scheduled for next weekend. Fun fun fun...

Later Sheila Thomas, one of my players, sent me this:

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