Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Tiamath's flag revisited

Following on from the comments on yesterday's post, this is what I'm going to put in the adventure:

Tiamath’s flag; in heraldic terms it is described as
Azure, a dragon rousant or, mountain of three peaks argent in base.
Or in more conventional language:
Blue (background), a dragon rising (gold) with a mountain of three peaks at the bottom coloured silver
There have been at least five previous versions of the flag, differing mainly in the position and size of the dragon. The history of these changes is a fascinating reflection of the history of Tiamath but, alas, outside the scope of the current work; see chapter XII of A Dragonet's History of Tiamath by the Blessed Jamanah for a good overview of the subject.

Does this look OK?

For anyone who is wondering, the Blessed Jamanah is one of Jo's inventions, a "writes loads of books for the kiddies" vicar with (presumably) an undemanding country parish and a lot of time on his claws. He may eventually become the Alfred Harmsworth of Tiamath and produce a dragonet's encyclopaedia if I want to put in a few more infodumps. In fact this gives me a very good idea for one of the other adventures...
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