Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

iBook Battery Update

OK - tried the "freeze the battery" trick with the poorer of the two batteries, which I would have guessed had about 10 minutes of life left in it before I froze it - let it warm up to room temperature over several hours. It's just given me 25+ minutes before shutting down, which is pretty promising. Let's see what I get out of it on a full charge... More later.

later At 5.44 got the green light for fully charged, but when I opened it the battery is showing the half charged symbol. It started out showing 1.07 hours, but has already dropped to 51 minutes in a couple of minutes. I'll just leave it running and see what actually happens. My guess is that it needs recalibration, and may be damaged. We'll see.
later still Died after 40 minutes. I'll charge it again, see what happens.

And after another recharge at 11.22 it's showing 1.56 hours with WIFI on. Let's see what I actually get. That should mean it shuts down at 1.15 or thereabouts if I don't change anything. later still Not much better - died very suddenly at 12.25, didn't even give the usual "shtting down in a few minutes" warning. Looks like freezing hasn't really helped much.

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