Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Counterfeit DVD update

Phoned FACT, expecting to have to give a lot of details, hand in the disk, etc. Conversation went something like this

Me: I've bought a DVD that I think is counterfeit.
FACT: Did you buy it on eBay
Me: No, I got it from a company's web site.
FACT: Do you have the address?
Me: [supply address]
FACT: What DVD was it?
Me: Transformers (a brief explanation of why I think it's a forgery)
FACT: Okay, I've logged that, thank you.

And that was basically it. Didn't ask for my details, didn't ask me to send them the disk, or any of the other crap I was expecting. Pleasantly surprised.

Later: Requested a refund, have now received one without any comment. They know they're in the wrong.

Later still: Wondered about the bar code and ISBN (which I didn't think was something DVDs had). It turns out that some do - but in this case both are correct for Mission Impossible 3, not transformers.

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