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Revised copyright thing.

Another stab at the copyright stuff, incorporating the Creative Commons bit etc. I really don't want it any bigger than this, it's already most of a page

Shareware License and Distribution of Modified Rules
Some confusion has recently arisen over permitted use of the Forgotten Futures rules, and in particular of edited versions adapted by others for their own purposes. Briefly, Forgotten Futures is covered by all national and international copyright laws. To protect my copyright and avoid unnecessary confusion there must be certain restrictions on its use.

In everything that follows the terms “publish” and “distribute” include putting files onto web sites, posting material to newsgroups, bulletin boards, communities, or publication in print or on disk etc., regardless of whether this is done free of charge or for profit.

The shareware license terms I use are that you may copy the files as they were originally released and distribute them as you like, provided that no charge is made and that all information needed to register the game etc. is included. If possible I would prefer that you link back to my sites, rather than moving this material to your own site, in case it becomes necessary for me to make corrections after I have put this material on line.

In legal terms, it is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works License, with the following exceptions:
  • If for any reason you want edit the files for your own purposes (e.g. to add house rules, change rules mechanisms you dislike, or use them with a completely different game system) you may do so for your own personal use, provided that the changes are not put on line or distributed generally. This means, for example, that you may edit a version of the rules for the purposes of a game you run for your own friends, and give them copies of the revised rules, but may not distribute the modified files to the general public. In an on-line context any revised versions of the rules and background material etc. must be distributed by email rather than kept on a web site, or otherwise made inaccessible to non-participants. You must make it clear that the files are not as originally published, acknowledge my copyright in the original game, and include links back to the “official” versions.
  • If you want to publish articles about the rules or settings, or describing variant rules etc. for wider distribution, you may do so; however, such articles should be limited to a description of your own work and the changes you have made. Write up a summary of your modifications only; do not publish modified versions of the entire rules set, or any sizeable part of them.
  • The printed versions of the rules and other gaming material formerly published by Heliograph Inc. were not released as shareware, differ in some respects from the versions published on line, and are not covered by these terms; you may not copy them.
For details of the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works License see and

Later: As of about 12.30 AM on the 18th I've finished the first adventure for FF X and its epilogue, and will be sending them to Jo for approval shortly. Next the country cave mystery...
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