Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Being Human (spoilers)

I was a bit busy and didn't comment on this last night. On the whole it was a lot better and more interesting than I expected.

This started out looking like a typical "odd couple" type sitcom, except that the main characters were a vampire (who seems to have no trouble with daylight) and a werewolf, both trying fairly hard not to be monsters.

Except that the house they end up renting together turns out to be haunted, and there are hints of a VERY dark world. Near the start the vampire kills a woman, more or less involuntarily. Some other vampires turn up to take the body and congratulate him on possibly "recruiting" for them (he isn't entirely sure he's turned his victim), sneer at his "pet", and make it clear that they think he's copping out by avoiding the vampiric lifestyle.

In one of the moments when she's talking to the vampire the ghost mentions that the werewolf thinks that being dead would be an improvement. She and the vampire both say something that makes it clear that they remember being dead, and it isn't at all nice - the reason that they're both undead is that it's actually better than the alternative. Heaven is a myth.

About half way through the vampire goes to a meeting with some other vampires, where it's made clear that most of them want to take back the night from humans and become top predators again. One of them has come back from overseas and has an inspirational message - it's clear that the parallel here is with Islamic extremist groups etc.

Meanwhile the ghost overcomes her fear of the outside world for long enough to save the werewolf from killing an ex-girlfriend, who finds out the truth and can't take it; she walks away, probably the best thing she can do.

Right at the end, when the trio are in a pub trying to pretend that everything is more or less OK, the vampire hears something that pulls him out. In the street his (dead) girlfriend is waiting, with a couple of the other vampires we've seen. He tries to apologise; she thinks he's done her a huge favour, and loves the idea of being a monster.

And that's pretty much it - you know that things are going to get worse, but they're not going to give us the details.

Well worth a look, if you recorded it or download it, and some interesting ideas for anyone bored with the BtVS / Moonlight / etc. take on vampires and other monsters.

For more details on it see

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