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Angel fanfic (drabble) - It's probably quantum...

Driving in to work this morning I remembered something I thought of around the time I started watching Buffy. I've wondered how to use it in fanfic a few times, never came up with an answer until now. And before you ask, despite the title this is an Angel fanfic, not a Pratchett crossover...

later - changed this a little to make things clearer.

100-word Angel Drabble, no spoilers. All characters belong to their respective creators / soulless media corporations / Wolfram and Hart, not me, and there is no intention to infringe their copyright. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

It's Probably Quantum...

by Marcus L. Rowland

Knox has the lab to himself for the evening. Time for an experiment.

"Ski goggles with mirror lenses?" asks the vampire from telemarketing, putting them on.

Mirrorshades reflect most light, the rest gets through. That should be the only light in the goggles, so he should see ahead. But vampires don't show in mirrors; light from behind should hit the lenses, so he can see backwards. But Knox can't see it, so he must be opaque. The universe hates paradoxes... this one is instantly solved as the vampire crumbles to dust.

"If I can just get Angel to try it..."


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