Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Did the earth move for you..?

Well, I'm pretty sure that "experience an earthquake" wasn't on my "things to do before you die" list, but at about 1 AM I heard a thud (which I hope isn't going to turn out to be bad news, but so far I haven't spotted anything) and the room shook three or four times. Since I live next to the main railway line into Paddington I assumed it was a train revving its engines, which has a similar effect though with higher frequency. But then I realised I couldn't hear a train, so I chalked it up as traffic or something until I heard the news this morning, and discovered that there had been a 5.2 magnitude earthquake about 120 miles North of me.

It's a shame I didn't know last night, I could have panicked properly then. But never mind...

has full details, but it seems to have been fairly boring as earthquakes go; more intense than usual for the UK, but so far nobody seems to have been killed and only one person injured, so it could have been one hell of a lot worse.

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